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first canadian army wikipedia - the first canadian army french 1 re arm e canadienne was a field army and the senior formation of the canadian army that served on the western front from july 1944 until may 1945 during the second world war the army was formed in early 1942 replacing the existing unnumbered canadian corps as the growing number of canadian forces in the united kingdom necessitated an expansion to two corps, battle of the scheldt wikipedia - the battle of the scheldt in world war ii was a series of military operations by canadian british and polish formations to open up the shipping route to antwerp so that its port could be used to supply the allies in north west europe led by lieutenant general guy simonds the battle took place in northern belgium and southwestern netherlands from october 2 to november 8 1944, mark zuehlke amazon com - breakout from juno first canadian army and the normandy campaign july 4 august 21 1944 canadian battle nov 08 2011, tragedy at dieppe operation jubilee august 19 1942 - tragedy at dieppe operation jubilee august 19 1942 mark zuehlke on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers with trademark vibrant style the tenth volume in mark zuehlke s canadian battle series tells the story of the 1942 dieppe raid nicknamed the poor man s monte carlo, 12 little known turning points of world war ii listverse - this was another operation aimed at opening a port city antwerp had been captured in early september but the scheldt estuary which allowed access from the north sea to the city was still in german hands, carolyn swayze literary agency authors - the carolyn swayze literary agency represents top canadian literary talent, militaria mart is an online shopping centre and resource - governor general s foot guard collar badge pair both 6 point star design in bright brass metal one has lug fasteners and marked p w ellis co 1912 on back and other has one lug removed with solder remaining where someone has attempted to reattach and one lug reattached with solder this one has no maker name