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csiro publishing international journal of wildland fire - international journal of wildland fire publishes papers on the principles of fire as a process on its ecological impact at the stand level and the landscape level modelling fire and its effects or presenting information on how to effectively and efficiently manage fire, publications joint fire science program - note it is the policy of the joint fire science program jfsp that all published information that is intended for open public access on the jfsp website must have the appropriate approval for widespread public dissemination, using fire wisely prescribed fire wildland fire - prescribed burning is the controlled application of fire to existing naturally occurring fuels under specified environmental conditions following appropriate precautionary measures which allows the fire to be confined to a predetermined area and accomplishes the planned land management objectives, research joint fire science program - results presented in jfsp final reports may not have been peer reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer reviewed source, after the fire indirect effects on the forest soil a primer - after the fire indirect effects on the forest soil fire s most significant indirect effects on soil are caused by the alteration of standing vegetation and the consumption of organic matter within and beneath the forest floor debano et al 1998 neary et al 1999, wildfires nys dept of environmental conservation - wildfire terms defined wildfires are unplanned or unwanted fires burning vegetation in areas where development is minimal or non existent they may also be referred to as forest fires brush fires grass fires range fires ground fires or crown fires wildland fires include wildfires and those fires intentionally set or allowed to burn according to a recognized land management plan and are, lake states fire science consortium - 2014 2015 lake states fire science consortium webinars the lake states fire science consortium will be conducting another series of fire science webinars for 2014 2015 additionally the lsfsc will be co hosting three webinars in 2014 with landfire and the tallgrass prairie and oak savanna fire science consortium click on the individual links below to view more information, salvaging timber scuttling forests the ecological effects - salvaging timber scuttling forests the ecological effects of post fire salvage logging by timothy ingalsbee ph d western fire ecology center american lands alliance, low severity wildfires impact soils more than previously - low severity wildfires impact soils more than previously believed negative effects of low severity fire on soil structure and organic matter date, prescribed fire in the south southern group of state - prescribed fire also known as a controlled burn refers to the controlled application of fire by a team of fire experts under specified weather conditions that help restore health to fire adapted environments, employment and internships tall timbers - the stoddard bird lab can help you gain valuable field experience current research projects include monitoring the red hills population of the endangered red cockaded woodpecker assessing the effects of prescribed burning on populations of bachman s sparrows understanding the cooperative breeding system of the brown headed nuthatch monitoring gopher tortoise populations snag, firefighter continuing education courses training catalog - fire control is a task in which all a firefighter s training experience and skills are put to the test to a greater extent than any of a firefighter s many other job responsibilities the task of fire control imposes extreme demands squarely on the shoulders of every responding firefighter requiring each crewmember to contribute to the department s overall knockdown efforts with, fire and rain 99 invisible - listening to these two episodes about the effects of wildland fire to people and property who live amongst the wildland urban interface and then relating it to my 34 years of experience as a firefighter who worked his way up through the ranks to become a battalion chief operations section chief and fire behavior analyst i feel i must provide a few additional comments, vegetation fire feedback reduces projected area burned - the cumulative area burned results were driven by the effect of prior burns on limiting the size of individual fire events because we held all other parameters constant between the two scenarios, taiga community structure britannica com - taiga community structure the taiga is well adapted to development following natural disturbances which include fire floods snow breakage and insect outbreaks characteristic of the taiga is the general lack of late successional species that develop under an intact forest canopy for further information on succession see community ecology ecological succession, south coast missing linkages sc wildlands - project partners we would like to recognize our partners on the south coast missing linkages project including the wildlands conservancy the resources agency u s forest service california state parks california state parks foundation national, leroy westerling personal home page - dr leroy westerling anthony tony westerling personal home page describing background publications professional activities and contact information, manage forests and land emerald ash borer tfs - the emerald ash borer eab beetle that has killed tens of millions of ash trees across the united states has been detected in texas and the state agency tasked with protecting forests and natural resources is helping people and communities prepare earlier this month the u s forest service and texas a m forest service agencies leading the u s department of agriculture s eab survey in, cycles and processes yellowstone national park u s - the ecological diversity of the greater yellowstone ecosystem contributes to its value and its controversy yellowstone s northern range has been the focus of debate since the 1930s cycles and processes are essential connections within an ecosystem photosynthesis predation decomposition, home dri desert research institute - nationally recognized world renowned the desert research institute dri is a recognized world leader in investigating the effects of natural and human induced environmental change and advancing technologies aimed at assessing a changing planet, projects and programmes department of environmental affairs - working for water wfw considers the development of people as an essential element of environmental conservation short term contracs jobs created through the clearing activities are undertaken with the emphasis on endeavouring to recruite women the target is 60 youth 20 and disabled 5, climate change conferences in 2019 environmental - conferenceseries com organizing climate change conferences in 2019 in usa europe australia asia and other prominent locations across the globe we organise environmental sciences meetings in the fields related to environmental science like climate changes global warming and green energy, atmosphere an open access journal from mdpi - atmosphere an international peer reviewed open access journal scala sampling campaigns for aerosols in the low atmosphere is a web based software system that was developed in a multidisciplinary manner to integrally support the documentation and the management and analysis of atmospheric aerosol data from sampling campaigns, program nacw conference north american carbon world - western ecosystems are adapted for periodic wildfire a century of fire suppression combined with drought and climate change has resulted in a recent flurry of devastating wildfires, usfws records disposition schedule - administration admi admi 101 personnel correspondence files grs 1 3 correspondence reports and other records relating to the general administration and operation of personnel functions but excluding records specifically described elsewhere in this schedule and records maintained at agency staff planning levels